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Why we love - and sometimes hate - WordPress

WordPress now powers over 30% of websites. That's no small achievement. It's grown from a basic blogging platform into a CMS which powers massive websites and even e-commerce operations. It's simple to install and get up and running without much fuss and just about every hosting provider will support it: from you basic SME websites to fully fledged enterprise hosting providers.

As much as we love WordPress, we understand it's limitations and drawbacks as well. While it can be used to - and certainly does - power many e-commerce shops, there are arguably better SaaS e-commerce solutions around.

Powered by PHP - which is not everyone's favourite language - WordPress's reputation is also somewhat stained by the myriad of terrible and poorly developed plugins which have led to many a site being hacked.

Which is why we focus on only using the best - most robust - and reliable plugins for our WordPress SEO services.  Uptime, scalability and performance are always things we focus on. It's more than easy to bloat WordPress with totally unnecessary plugins and poorly developed themes, so we like to stick to our favourite tools to deliver the optimal WordPress experience.


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WordPress front end editors

Silly name. Great product. Beaver Builder continues to improve and refine with age. In our opinion, Beaver Builder is the most capable WordPress front-end editor out there bar none. It allows non-technical editors and contributors immense power and flexibility, while still being able to create complex and intuitive front-ends. It's also totally customisable and with the themer plugin, no part of WordPress can be left untouched. We use it makes our lives easier, but most importantly it makes life easier for our clients.

WordPress optimization, caching and tuning

Depending on your hosting and server set up, there are a number of different ways to improve site performance. Which one to use really depends on your environment and exact requirements. Here are a few solutions that we can implement to improve your WordPress SEO performance. Each of these plugins have their own approach, and often cover similar areas, so it's recommended to stick with one particular stack.

Depending on your hosting environment, WP Rocket may be the best and simplest implementation. It covers everything from caching, compression, minification, optimisation and more, all within a simple to use interface. Its beauty lies in its simplicity and it will work with most hosting providers straight out of the box. 

Provided free to all our clients.

AutoOptimize compliments other caching plugins well, although it also sometimes overlaps functionality wise in some areas with other plugins.,

From simple tuning to highly complex on page optimization, it can't be beaten. It's also free.

WordPress analytics and SEO

No SEO effort is worth anything without data and a feedback process. Google Analytics is incredibly powerful, but WordPress can also benefit from custom plugins to help implement more complex interactions such as event tracking, keyword research and more.

One of the oldest and most established SEO plugins for WordPress. Free for entry level, with a Pro version that offers more functionality. As a plugin, it's had its ups and downs but is continually updated and therefore still the Number #1 SEO plugin for WordPress.

Squirrly is like an SEO researcher built right into your WordPress environment.

A premium plugin, it offers keyword and content suggestions. Empower your content contributors.

Free for our clients.

Whether you opt for the free version or the more fully featured Pro version, Monster Insights improves your GA integration straight away. 

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